Open My Eyes

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Psalm 119:18 (ESV)
Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of Your law.

The wickedness of sin has blinded us from the blessings and love of God. We should value the word of God with our life, because that’s what it provides for us. God has benefitted us, so we need to see that in our life.

God has shown us wondrous things every day. Whether it’s the birth of a newborn baby, a person being cured of their disease or someone getting a new job. God blesses us in so many different ways. Sometimes we have to open our eyes to the many blessings God has given us. To do that, we have to open ourselves up to God to see what He has revealed to us through His word. The Bible is chock full of God’s loving promises to us. If we apply that same love to others around us, people can see God’s blessings through our actions.\

One of our most powerful senses in the human body is sight. Our eyes benefit our soul, mind and body because it can find beauty. God benefits our sight with His beautiful creation all over the world. He has brought that same type of beauty in His word. His love and sacrifice for us is a beautiful sight to behold, because it contains our hope for salvation. His law and His commands help us better understand what it means to be a Christian and what it means to be saved. God’s love allows us to see the wonders in his word, or get a clear sight of what is already revealed.

This week, pray that God will open your eyes to reveal His blessings in your life. Reflect on the positive aspects He has given to you, so you can share that with others.

May 6, 2019