Prayer Walking is simply walking on the streets of Wake Forest praying from the Word of God for all the town officials and employees. As we walk we will name and pray for every official and employee, asking God’s blessing for their wisdom, knowledge, and discernment in all their decisions. Praying like this, intercession, invites God, in Jesus’ name, to “hear from heaven” forgive anything done in error and release healing in the neighborhoods we’re walking through.

Prayer Walking will help us “humble ourselves as we pray and seek God’s face” for each family, person, shop, or business we walk past. Most of the time while Prayer Walking, God reveals special needs to pray for and blessings needed for the families. Our prayers often begin, “Oh My God, in your mercy bring healing, comfort, and provision…”. Sometimes as we walk, people come out to ask for prayer and we will step out of the walk and pray.

Please plan to join us each year on our pilgrimage seeking God’s face.

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