He has the Power

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Psalm 21:13 (ESV)

“Be exalted Lord in Your own strength! We will sing and praise Your power.”

Most of the time, we lack the strength to get something done. Whether it’s physical, emotional or mental strength, there’s only so much we can do on our own. However, the power of God is more than enough to handle all of our problems. We just have to trust in Him.

God has plenty of power on His own to fight our enemies. In the Old Testament, it was physical enemies, such as foreign nations trying to take over Israel. In today’s world, we think of them more as spiritual enemies, such as temptation and personal weaknesses. We should praise God for the power He has to help us fight our spiritual battles. Our own strength is not enough. God is our true and only source of salvation.

We need to rely more on God’s strength rather than our own. Don’t try to take on the world by yourself. We’ve seen in history books that always fails. God alone is more than enough to handle all of our problems. We just have to let Him into our heart and allow Him to take over the mess in our lives. Jesus already did that for us when He used His power to conquer the grave to save us from our sins. All we have to do is accept that free gift of salvation and commit our lives to His glory.

Once we have accepted that eternal gift, we should praise and worship God for all He has done for us. Miracles happen every day. We just have to open our eyes to the wonders of God’s love and affection toward us. We need to thank Him for His blessings. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to withstand the obstacles the world puts in our way. God is capable of helping us. All we need to do is respond with gratitude and thanks.

This week, pray about how you can praise God for using His power to help you get through something tough. Allow Him to come into your heart, so that you may receive His blessings of grace, mercy and love.

October 21, 2019