Seek Him and be Satisfied

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Psalm 22:26 (ESV)

“The poor shall eat and be satisfied; those who seek Him will praise the Lord. Let Your heart live forever!”

Psalm 22 is an example of people talking about Jesus before He arrived. This specific verse in the chapter is a prophecy for Jesus’ ministry, His death and resurrection. Even though we are poor, physically or spiritually, God will satisfy us with His presence. Jesus reached out to those who were forgotten and abandoned by society. This is the kind of loving Savior we need in our lives.

Those who go after God will not be disappointed. He provides contentment to those who follow Him. We must go to God rather than the things of this world. Nothing will satisfy us eternally and long-term except for God. We have to follow Him with our whole heart, because that’s what He does for us. His love never ends, as stated poetically in the final sentence of the verse.

What this verse is saying about Jesus is that the spiritually poor find a feast in Him. They feed upon Him to the satisfaction of their hearts. They were famished until He gave Himself for them, but now they are filled. God will never let us down. His Holy Spirit will not fail us through trials and tribulations we may face in life. That is the satisfaction of following Jesus. We know He will never give up on us.

It is simply wonderful to know that no matter how miserable we feel or how much life brings us down that we can find hope in Jesus. Reading His word is like a man wandering through the desert who finds fresh water. If we consistently seek Him and His ways, He will bless our lives through His perfect will. Let’s praise God for the amazing grace He has shown us. Let us give thanks to the One who will love us beyond the end of time.

This week, pray about how you can seek God and praise Him. Taste and see that the Lord is good and you will be satisfied as you live out your days following Him.

November 4, 2019