His steadfast love endures forever

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Psalm 136:1 (ESV)

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! His steadfast love endures forever.”

Every verse in Psalm 136 ends with the phrase, “His steadfast love endures forever.” In other translations, it says, “His mercy endures forever.” It’s wonderful to know that God’s love and mercy will last forever. That means He will never leave us nor forsake us. That is a message to build hope upon.

Telling someone “thank you” is a lost art form nowadays. We tend to take things for granted. For instance, most of us never think about if we’ll wake up the next day. We just assume that when we fall asleep, we’ll wake up. Life is precious. Therefore, we should thank the Lord for giving us life each and every day like this verse explains.

Do we always show gratitude when God is gracious to us? Do we forget about it and think about something else? Have we ever sat down and thought about how much God has done for us? He gives us air to breathe. He gives us food to eat. He gives us water to drink. He puts a roof over our heads. He gives us clothes on our back. We should always be thankful for the small blessings He has bestowed upon us over the years.

God never stops loving us. Even when we do wrong against Him, He still shows compassion toward us. This was shown through His death on the cross and the pain and suffering He had to endure to give us salvation. He did all the hard work for us. Now all we have to do is believe and personally receive God’s gift. In gratitude, we should commit our lives to Him.

We can never earn our salvation, no matter what we do. This is why Jesus went to the cross. He put His love on display for the whole world to see. Followers of Him must repay that mercy and kindness by telling others about His grace and love. We are called to thank Him for His everlasting love.

This week, pray about how you want to thank the Lord for the goodness He has shown you. Remember all the times He blessed you. Respond to His mercy in a way that honors and glorifies Him.

August 31, 2020