God is really, truly good…

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Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.

Proverbs 3:5

Another very familiar verse, well quoted, easily said, but rarely lived out. “Trust in the Lord” is the phrase that tumbles off our lips to console those who are hurting, and a fleeting thought to subdue our own feelings of anxiety and pain. This verse may come to our mind, but is it in our hearts?

The issue we all struggle with is not that we don’t believe God is able to “do abundantly above all we ask or think,” but will God do what He has promised. Ultimately, the very root of our problem is whether we believe that God is really, truly good.

If we completely believe without the slightest doubt that God is good, then the difficult circumstances that we are facing become an exciting opportunity to watch our Heavenly Father perform His amazing and yes even miraculous work. This is exactly the same trust that a small child has when leaping out into the open, waiting arms of a loving father. The child does not calculate the distance, analyze wind speed, or draw up a mental list of all the possible outcomes. There is only the anticipated joy of being in the father’s embrace.

This is the trust that God desires. With this kind of trust, no circumstance is too difficult, too overwhelming, or too unbearable. No longer will we fret about, worry over, or dwell on the situation, but rather we only see the open outstretched arms of our loving Father. May we begin today to live in that kind of trust that ascends far beyond our own “understanding.”

January 3, 2022