Our mind can be at ease.

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Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own. Today has enough trouble on its own.

Matthew 6:34 (ESV)

This part of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount talks about anxiety and worrying about things we shouldn’t worry about. Anxiety can creep into our minds and force us how to act or think. If we simply leave everything to God’s perfect will, our mind can be at ease and we can focus on Him, who is the only One who matters.

Every time in our life has abundant necessary troubles of its own. It is foolish to increase present distresses by anticipating those that are to come, since that anticipation it is not in your power to prevent any future evil. We can’t control the future and we can’t predict it either. Only God can control that, so our hope and trust should be put in Him.

Time management is another good lesson to take away from this. If we manage our time and complete the tasks one by one, our anxiety will slowly dissipate. Let’s focus one thing at a time and prioritize those that need to be done and those that can wait. It’s a challenging concept, but with God, it will be a lot easier.

This week, pray about the things in your life that are worrying you. Meditate on the promises of God and rely on Him to give you strength during times of anxiety.

October 16, 2017