“I’ve been working with Grace Ministries very closely now for several years, and I have to say that this group is on fire for the Great Commission – to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They constantly go out of their way (and out of the country) to make that goal happen, all the while giving glory to God alone! I am thankful that God has engaged me with this ministry.”

David Hopkins

“Attending Bible studies brought me even deeper to exploring my faith and relationship with Christ. Grace Ministries has opened many doors to strengthen my faith through the Holy Spirit and experience God not only every day, but on more occasions throughout every day. Since joining Grace Ministries, I have learned more about how we are called to share God’s love by reaching out to others. Our groups are open to exploring life’s difficult questions and, together, exploring the Truth revealed in Scripture. Together, we equip and support each other on mission to reach out to others and serve as disciples.”

Scott Yates

“As a manager and engineer of computer technology and service I am always interested in detailed information and facts regarding solutions for my customers’ needs. My Christian life has not been any different in that I always seek the details to life’s biggest questions. Through Grace Ministries USA, my faith and knowledge has increased greatly through study in apologetics and the Bible and in sharing with others that are on a similar journey. Meeting in group discussion, God has been good to reveal much to me and through my experiences I feel I am equipped with grace, tools and knowledge to defend my faith and to spread the good news of Jesus.”

Bob Gallagher, VP End User and Branch Computing, First Citizens Bank (Retired) and Chairman of the Grace Ministries Board of Directors

“I attend several Bible study groups Grace Ministries and my growth as a Christian has been a miracle. Our studies of scripture and discussions have transformed my life from an atheist nonbeliever to someone who loves the Lord. I now have great faith. I feel my Bible studies with a wonderful man and great leader like Pastor Bert Woodburn, reading scripture, attending Wake Forest United Methodist Church and participating in my Sunday School class has strengthened my faith and Christian growth. I admire Pastor Bert and try to emulate his Christian example. I have seen him invite nonbelievers to the bible study, and I have witnessed a change in other people as they have come to God. It is incredible to see how Pastor Bert and Grace Ministries work with the lost, the suffering, the dying, and spreading the love of our Lord and Savior..”

Chip Phipps