Chris Arndt :

Chris Arndt

Dean Oey :

Dean Oey

Frank Allan :

Frank Allan

Dennis McCusker :

Dennis McCusker

Gabe Bowman :

Gabe Bowman

Leon Harris : Memphis Ministries Pastor

Leon Harris

Memphis Ministries Pastor

Leon Harris married for over 20 years and has three children. Leon is the Pastor of Friendship Baptist Church and has served in the federal government for 20 years. Pastor Leon currently leads the Grace Ministries USA Memphis office in Tennessee.

David Hopkins : IT Specialist

David Hopkins

IT Specialist

David Hopkins has been married to the most incredible woman Debbie for 27 years. Together they raised an incredible daughter. He's been serving the Lord through his church, and through Grace Ministries for years.

Paul Jago : Associate Staff

Paul Jago

Associate Staff

Mr. Jago is a retired Christian school teacher of 25 years. He has been married for 36 years to Nelda and has two children, Brittany and Dillon. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from Pensacola Christian College and a Master of Arts in Physicals Education from Weybridge University. He has coached soccer at the high school, collegiate, and club levels for 35 years.

Sue Meehan :

Sue Meehan

Robin Taylor :

Robin Taylor

Robin Taylor has been married to Scott for 37 years. They have 2 children (Blake and McKenzie) and 3 grandsons. Robin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Religion from Campbell University and she also has an Associate Degree in Nursing from Wake Technical Community College. She and her husband have served side by side in various capacities at church. Robin has a heart for missions and prayer. She has been on 2 mission trips to Africa where she worked alongside their local ministry organization. Praying with and for people is truly her passion in life.

Bert Woodburn : Lead Pastor

Bert Woodburn

Lead Pastor

Bert Woodburn is married to Cindy for over 25 years. They have three children, Josh, Jessica, and Jake. Although Bert and Cindy hail from Maryland, they have been in North Carolina since 2001. Bert graduated from Southeastern Seminary. He has served for more than 20 years as a youth director, youth pastor, children’s pastor, missions director, and men’s minister. He believes that the Gospel is central to living a life that will honor God by serving others and especially sharing with others. Bert has devoted his life to serving his community and all those he meets.

Scott Yates : Chairman of the Board

Scott Yates

Chairman of the Board

Scott is happily married for 20-plus years and is the current president of OnPoint Communications.