Faith Without Works

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Faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

James 2:17 (ESV)

Faith that does not produce works is not a saving faith. Giving a blessing to someone in need without offering tangible aid is useless. Works are physical evidence of genuine faith. Telling someone, “I love you!” and showing someone that you love them are two different things.

As Christians, faith in God produces good works in our lives. Our belief in God should be accompanied by our good deeds for others. Prayer and reading scripture should be treated as acts of love. If you truly love God, you will prove it by showing it. On the other hand, doing good deeds and works without faith behind it is also dead. So we should always have one and the other joined together in perfect harmony because of our perfect God.

There is no way to show we really have faith in Christ, but by being diligent in good works. Some men may boast of their faith in God but their actions do not show real faith. True faith is not an act of the understanding only, but a work of the whole heart. That a justifying faith cannot be without works, is shown from two examples, Abraham and Rahab. Abraham believed God, and it was reckoned unto him for righteousness. Abraham’s faith caused him to rely on God to fulfill his promises. Rahab, a Gentile, helped protect the Israelite spies and defied the authority of the pagan city of Jericho. Her faith helped fulfill God’s purpose with the Israelites marching into the Promised Land. Because of her faith, God spared her and her family when Jericho fell. Therefore, actions with faith is a living faith.

This week, pray that your actions back up your words. Don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk. Pray for others around you that they may also display their faith through their works and the fruits of their labor.

September 17, 2018