Putting Value on Others

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Philippians 2:3 (ESV)
Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.

Most of us have heard the expression, “I’m surrounded by idiots.” How many of us actually think that way? Sometimes our problem is that we tend to treat other people like they don’t know what they’re doing. However, they might not understand the concept you are trying to explain or maybe they have a different perspective.

When we get caught up in those type of situations at work or at home, it might be hard to do the right thing. When facing those obstacles, remember that God has taught us humility and putting others ahead of ourselves. It should be less about ourselves and more about God.

Humility considers the interests of others. Personal responsibilities demand consideration, but the concerns of others are equally important. That’s the message Paul is trying to get through the church in Philippi. We can combat our attitude toward people by following the example Jesus laid out for us in His ministry.

It’s difficult to deal with other people. Even Christians don’t get along with other Christians. That was one of the problems Paul was trying to fix with the Philippians. Sometimes we have to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. We should have a different perspective. Instead of finding everything wrong with a person, look at how you can make everything better.

Christians are all striving for one goal for the faith of the gospel, so we should be united as one body of Christ. We don’t need to seek glory for ourselves, because we don’t deserve it. Only God should receive our praises and He needs to be exalted in our lives. We do that by looking out for each other. Let’s encourage one another and treat others the way God wants us to treat them.

This week, pray about how you can humble yourself to serve a friend, family member or co-worker. Ask God for guidance as you put value on other people besides yourself. God loves us and treasures us so much. That should encourage us to do the same for others.

April 15, 2019