His name endures forever

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Psalm 135:13 (ESV)

“Your name, O Lord, endures forever, Your renown, O Lord, throughout all ages.”

Nothing on this earth lasts forever. Things will eventually perish or go away. But the Lord, who is above all, will have an everlasting foundation for us to stand on. There is no end to His love and His existence.

Some names of famous people get lost in time. People who accomplished great things have had statues of themselves torn down or rot over time. It goes to show that even legacies are not permanent. Whether you’re living in a penthouse on the top of the world or struggling to get by in a homeless shelter, all of our bodies end up six feet under. When the world fades away, all who were a part of it will pass as well. However, God is beyond this world. He is beyond time. He is beyond everything.

Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. It is only a matter of time. God was there in the beginning and He will be there in the end and then even beyond that. There is no comprehension on how great God is, so His legacy will also stand the test of time. His name will endure forever. His love will never be forgotten.

It is wonderful to know that God will never die. He will never leave us nor forsake us. Serving a wonderful master like that means everlasting peace and joy when our time on this earth is done. When this world is gone, God will still be left standing. Not only that, but He promises His believers a new world that will never perish. A new world where there will be no more pain. No more suffering. No more hunger. No more tears. No more hate.

Heaven is an eternal paradise for all of those who believe. Followers of Christ will bask in His glory with no end in sight. They will experience His love for an infinite number of lifetimes. Peace and joy with no end. God will last forever. There is no changing that.

This week, pray about how you want to experience God’s love forever. Call upon His name that will never fade away, even until the end of time.

July 27, 2020