Saving the day

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“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

James 4:7 (ESV)

Superman is one of the most popular superheroes of all time. In every movie, comic book issue or T.V. show episode, he was always there to stop the bad guy and save the day. While Superman and other superheroes are fiction, Jesus is always there for us to save the day when we need Him the most.

We all go through a season in our lives where it seems like nothing is going our way. At every turn, there is always something horrible waiting for us. There can be times when Satan is attacking every fiber of our being. These things can pop up and distract us from our walk with Jesus.

While we may experience these hardships every now and then, we have to remember that temptation is not from God. Satan’s job is to cause us to doubt and stumble. We need to recognize those attacks from the devil and run to God whenever we find ourselves in that situation.

Superheroes swoop in and save us from the villains. Jesus does the same whenever Satan attacks us. The good news is that God is real. He is powerful enough to save us from our misfortunes. All we have to do is resist the devil, flee from him and give our lives to Christ.

Run into the arms of Jesus. Only He can protect us from the difficulties of life. He can rescue us from Satan’s temptations and onslaughts. Let God take care of you. We must submit to Him and flee from the devil if we are to live for God’s glory. We must seek Him and humble ourselves before our Savior.

This week, pray about how you can resist the devil and flee from him. Submit to God and honor Him with your spiritual walk.

May 10, 2021